Meet Prototyper,your next AI design assistant

Generate UI with React from simple text prompts and images.Prototype your next product in minutes, using AI-powered design tools.

More than 1000+ developers & designers trust Prototyper for their UI needs.
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Create at the speed of thought

How it works

Designed to let you create and test UIs. Enjoy beautifully crafted components, a visual theme editor, and production-ready code—all within minutes.

Describe your idea

Describe your component or interface in simple text or using an image. Prototyper is designed to let you create with your thoughts at the center. Want a new signup component? Just describe it and create.

Production ready code

Comes with over +40 components

Built-in Tailwind CSS and themes

Test your interface

Prototyper allows to test your interface in minutes. Share your interface with team members to get feedback and start iterating. You can make changes through the native-AI editor or the code editor.

Work together with the AI

Share with your team members

Publish your interface

Comes with a React playground

Generate a usage dashboard for Pied Piper
Select your framework

Prototyper can write code in different frameworks that you can copy and paste into your apps. Choose between React and Tailwind or React and Inline CSS. It can also be used for standard HTML and Tailwind. It adapts to you.

Infinite iterations

Using Prototyper, you can iterate on your ideas in minutes. Change the code, and see the results in real-time. Or use the AI editor to make infinite changes.

Can we make the Pied Piper dashboard better by using a blue theme?

Iteration 1

Prototyper ships with powerful features

Prototyper is designed to be used together with your team. It's a great choice for teams that want to get their prototyping done quickly.

Publish to the web

Prototyper allows you to publish your applications directly to the web.


Manage different organizations, teams, and projects in one place. Organize prototypes in different teams.

Collaboration built-in

Invite team members to your workspace, and work on prototypes together.


Integrate with your own design systems and React components. Prototyper can directly integrate with your production environment.


Directly interact with and iterate on prototypes. Make changes to the code, and see the results in real-time or iterate using the AI editor.

Export code

Directly import the code into production. Or publish directly to web.

Just describe what you need

Design and iterate on your ideas using Natural Language.

Use natural language to bring your ideas to life with unparalleled ease. With Wavyr Prototyper, you can simply describe what you need, and our AI will write the code.
Make changes using Natural Language
Comes with a side-by-side editor

Make code changes

Stay in flow and make code changes using our side-by-side editor.

Experience real-time code adjustments with our side-by-side editor, designed to keep you in your flow. This allows you to make real-time code adjustments while simultaneously previewing the outcome.
The best professional generative UI platform

Create your ideas

Pays for itself in less than 1 hour. Try without a credit card.


Get unlimited generations, full code access, and keep things private.
  • Full code access
  • Unlimited generations
  • Private generations
  • Shared workspace


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  • Custom themes
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  • Vision generations


Custom scale
For teams & organizations operating at scale.
  • Custom branding
  • Publish to your own domain
  • Bring your own components
  • Largest AI model
  • Github integration
  • Single sign on
  • Platform APIs