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When you are working on a product, the feeling can be magical. From the first sketches, to pushing your first code, it feels thrilling to create something useful. However, that process is not always smooth. There are still too many steps, and each step is a potential hurdle. Your final product is in code, yet far too often people don't start with code. Imagine if everyone could sketch their ideas directly into code. What if the magic of coding was accessible to all, right from the start?


We saw how hard it is to design in code, so we created Prototyper. It's here to change your design process. Our goal? To smooth out the prototyping process, help you think out your prototypes directly in code, and make sure designers and developers work better together. Our mission is to let you just focus on being creative, whilst using the magic of code.

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Our product is built on simple ideas. We make everything easy to use, so you can do what you need without hassle. Speed matters to us; we want everything to work fast and smoothly for you. Our design is modern, with everything looking good and working well together, including shortcuts to save you time. But we also believe in having fun. We want you to enjoy creating and bringing your ideas to life. These values make our product more than just a tool - they make it a helpful and enjoyable experience.

We hope you enjoy using it,

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- Thijs Verreck, Founder

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Prototyper is the fastest way to build, test, and ship products used by 500+ designers, frontend engineers and product managers.