Introducing Prototyper

Introducing a more enjoyable and efficient way to create user interfaces.

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Thijs Verreck

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The future of interface design.

In the fast-paced world of product design, the ability to quickly and effectively bring ideas to life is everything. Prototyper lets you generate user interfaces and prototypes from plain text and images. And publish your ideas to the web.

It began by having a look at our own design workflow. We barely use Figma or Sketch, but design our interfaces directly in code using Tailwind or CSS. Which is a magical feeling. Essentially, you are sketching in code. Prototyper was born out of that insight: what if anyone can sketch in code?

Using that insight and frustrated by the disconnect between what was needed and what was available, we created Prototyper. Our mission: to revolutionize the way user interfaces are designed, making it a magical, efficient, and enjoyable part of product development. Letting anyone sketch in code.

Our approach

Exceptional User Experience: We believe that prototyping tools should be a joy to use — fast, intuitive, and out of your way when you don't need them. Prototyper is designed to be an extension of your thought process, enabling you to bring ideas to life with speed and simplicity.

Workflow Optimization: Prototyper streamlines your workflow. From a shared workspace to automating design handoffs and feedback loops, we're making every step of the prototyping process more efficient.

Bridging Planning and Execution: Prototyper is not just about creating stunning prototypes; it's about seamlessly integrating them into your development workflow. You can either publish them directly to the web or integrate design into your code base.

Prototyper is just getting started. We're on a journey to not only redefine prototyping but to transform how products are developed from the ground up. We're excited to share our vision and product with you, sharing our insights, innovations, and improvements along the way.

Want to join our mission?

We're now opening the doors to our public beta, inviting teams and companies to experience the future of prototyping with Prototyper. If you're ready to take your product development process to the next level, join us. Sign up for early access, and let's shape the future of prototyping together.

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